Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ron Paul has beaten every other remaining candidate

With Paul's recent 2nd place finish in the Louisiana Caucus, ahead of Mitt Romney, he has now defeated every other remaining Republican candidate at least once in the early states.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ron Paul MLK fundraiser tops $1,000,000 by noon

Ron Paul MLK fundraiser tops $1,000,000 by noon

Just before noon on the West coast, Ron Paul supporters helped their guy top the $1,000,000 mark. It took just over 12,000 donations, with nearly 3,000 of them coming from first-time donors. More...

Can Ron Paul go the distance?

Can Ron Paul go the distance?

In 1988, Ron Paul ran for president and got about 0.5% of the national vote. For some that was the measuring stick for how they thought Ron would perform in this election. He'll get a percentage or two, tops, and then the Revolution will fade away into blissful silence. A year, several double-digit primary finishes and thirty-million dollars later, those same elements who've been proven wrong over and over again are still pretending as if Ron Paul is already out of the race. Dream on, my friends, dream on.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

10,000+ pledge donations to Ron Paul on MLK day

Ron Paul supporters have a dream
On Monday, January 21st, supporters of Ron Paul have organized a "money-bomb" to coincide with Martin Luther King Day. Like MLK often did, Ron Paul now takes a stand against the wrongs perpetrated on society and inspires his messengers in a way that is a threat to the powers that be. In addition to the donations, at least 1,500 Ron Paul fans have pledged to take to the streets in support of MLK and Ron Paul. More...

Chris Rock, Richard Pryor and Ron Paul on Racism

Here is an interesting perspective on racism in America by way of a conversation between Richard Pryor, Ron Paul and Chris Rock. Check it out as these guys, through compiled quotes, have a candid chat about what divides us. Who would've known that Pryor and Paul have similar views.