Saturday, November 3, 2007

President Ron Paul

I'll be the first to admit that I don't usually see things in the same light as many others. I could fight it but choose to embrace it. It seems to be "in the stars" for Ron Paul to be the next president.

The last time I made serious predictions was a few NCAA basketball tournaments ago. I hadn't watched but a half-dozen or so games that year, but am a freak when it comes to box scores, schedule analysis and team studies. I usually don't have to watch the games. I'm not a gambling man by nature but it's needless to say that I'm looking forward to the opportunity to bet on some hoops now and again. Anyway, in that pool I walked away with the victory before the Elite Eight was finalized. It was statistically impossible for anyone to catch me. There were over 70 people who entered but they couldn't compete with someone who had the foresight to nail all but one Sweet Sixteen team and the entire Elite Eight, in a very upset laden year.

There are a few key factors to look at when picking the upset. Perhaps the most important is performance against good teams on the road. Ron Paul isn't just winning a localized Straw Poll here and there. He is dominating flesh-n-blood vote counts in nearly every state and has been for months. Heck, Ron almost performs better on the road than at home. The Republican establishment in Texas doesn't like RP.

Say he entered the tourney as a 12-seed. When you are the big underdog, there is no better seed to have than the 12. The 5 only beats the 12 about 68% of the time. The 4 beats the 13 about 80% of the time. Many times you are able to snag some great odds on the 5/12 game despite the 12 having the same historical odds to win as the 11 does over the 6. Confused yet? Oh well.

The presidential race is a lot like the NCAA tourney, but not exactly. In the presidential race you essentially start the next round with new seeding. Ron Paul was a 12-seed for the first round, but he's not anymore. Ron Paul might just be 1985 Villanova, the #8 who defeated #1 and heavily favored Georgetown to win the whole thing. Nova had to beat Michigan, Maryland, Memphis St. and Carolina on the way there. Ron has had to deal with Saul, the NSA, Fred, Carolina and will defeat Georgetown Hillary Clinton to win it all. Oh, and what do you know, 2008 minus 1985 equals that magical number, 23.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Cyber-attack continues against Ron Paul, identity thieves donate to campaign

First there was Ron Paul SPAM.
Then there was malware being spread through fake Ron Paul and Barack Obama websites.
Now identity thieves are making donations to the campaign.

Hackers spreading malware through fake Obama and Paul sites?

Webroot has found hundreds of websites that trick unwitting visitors into downloading malicious files infected by the Zlob Trojan. Apparently Barack Obama and Ron Paul are seeing the brunt of the attack. and Ron Paul

I know some people cringe at the mere sight of the name Ron Paul. The non-haters though, they've gotten quite a treat so far from the zany crew over at who have produced a large number of entertaining and creative pieces about our next president, Ron Paul. My most recent favorite is the article about a group of physicists who got together to debate the existence of "quantum" Paul.

Obama, Hillary and Ron Paul rule Johnson County, Iowa

Johnson County consists of Iowa City and many surrounding communities. It doesn't take much driving around to see who local residents are supporting for president. There are some local elections coming up, so it's really sign country 'round these parts.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have the largest sign presence overall. I'm not sure about the strategy that Obama fans are using though, as their big "Hope" signs look like they are for Ron Paul. Hillary Clinton has a lot of yard signs up in North Liberty, a fast-growing city full of recent Iowa grads.

Ron Paul has the bumper stickers and bulletin boards wrapped up. Believe it or not, in these smaller Iowa communities, a little bulletin board posting can morph into the talk of the coffee shop, both of which are usually located inside of the gas station. As for Iowa City itself, the main attraction of Johnson County, a stroll around the Ped Mall shows that the University of Iowa students are increasingly aware of the only serious Republican contender, Ron Paul. Obama and Ron Paul have the college vote from what I can see.

John Edwards has a small visible presence in Johnson County. His larger base of support is just north in Linn County.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

CAN-SPAM doesn't apply to political e-mails, Ron Paul SPAM?

I was further researching "Ron Paul SPAM" and found mention that political e-mails do not fall under the CAN-SPAM law.

"Savvy politicos know that CAN-SPAM and other anti-spam legislation don't apply to them… but they follow the laws anyway, as if they did."

If such is the case, then why hasn't this been questioned before?

I still didn't get my Ron Paul SPAM

I have a lot of email addresses and usually get quite a few SPAM mails to them, but I did not get one of the notorious Ron Paul SPAM messages. It would be interesting to see an overall picture of just who did get the mails. Was the campaign targeted towards people that are already inclinded to dislike Ron Paul or did an equal mix of Ron Paul supporters receive the mails too?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Use white supremacist donation to root out "Ron Paul SPAMMER"

Why not throw down that $500 donated by a known white supremacist and use it to root out the alleged Ron Paul spammer. The usual suspects seem to be pretty upset about the harmless email they received and they are the same exact crowd that is upset by the donation, so why not kill two turds with one stone?

Ron Paul Roundup: Jay Leno, Taxes and Betting Odds

from on Ron Paul's appearance with Jay Leno:

Paul would be for a flat tax but "I want to make it real flat, like zero."

"People would have money," Paul said when asked whether the country would go broke without taxes. "Much smaller government."

People really are putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to Ron Paul. If the odds makers just wanted to make money off of sucker Ron Paul supporters, or if they thought there was no shot in hell that he'd win, they'd keep those odds high. They lower odds to cover their asses. Lots of actual bets are rolling in for the man who has a completely different message from the rest of the crowd.

Ron Paul presidential betting odds have been lowered to 12/1 by our similarly-oppressed cousins, but some places have his odds as low as 6/1. He's come a long, long way from the beginning of all Revolution when his odds according to gambling websites were, at best, 200/1. His growth in support has undeniably been met with a rise in resistance by those who innocently and not-so-innocently have distaste for the message. It is to be expected. Imagine how many panties will be bunched if his odds drop to 9/11 shortly prior to election.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Brits have Ron Paul at 12/1 to win the presidency

The Brits have lowered the odds of a Ron Paul presidency to 12/1. I like those odds at this point in time. Ron Paul might be the smart money bet.

Oh, and Alex Jones needs to stop being so nice. It's fart-sniffers, not dirt-sniffers.

This post has nothing to do with Ron Paul

I don't like the New York Yankees, never have and I probably never will. I do like Joe Girardi. I simply wanted to make a post to congratulate Mr. Girardi on becoming the new Yankees skipper. I've lived in Chicago Cub country my entire life, was kind of hoping Joe would end up coaching the Cubs.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Paul supporter questions validity of "Ron Paul SPAM" accusations

Recently a few reports have surfaced where people are upset to have received Ron Paul SPAM to their inbox. I will keep all "SPAM-weenie" comments to myself at this point in time and focus my attack on the validity of the claims.

Nobody can prove that the mails originated from a Ron Paul supporter or supporters. Honestly, I would really like to see them try to prove it. The haters might not like where the trail leads. I want to see who is behind the mails, if anyone, along with solid evidence that the person is a supporter of Ron Paul. It takes less than a minute to gain access to proxies around the world. It takes less than an hour to manually harvest about 1,000 emails from sites like Craigslist. I'd advise not dipping into that honey pot, just using it as an example of how easy it is to get active email addresses. Anyone could have sent them, anyone. I am making this post from Taiwan, while sitting in Iowa. I just switched it to the Ukraine, because I can.

In addition to the ease of compiling a list and sending e-mails, there is also the factor that a third-party could have been paid to send the mails. It's done all of the time.

Also, the language used in the title of the mails does not look like it came from an English-first individual. "Government wasteful spending eliminated by Ron Paul" Notice anything a bit off? "Iraq Scam Exposed, Ron Paul" I didn't even look at the body of the mails, no need. A lot more evidence needs to be presented before any haters can make a logical claim that American Ron Paul supporters are sending out SPAM emails. So far there is no proof that supporters of Ron Paul sent any SPAM to anyone.

Finally, I decided to retract my above statement about holding off on SPAM-weenie comments. The folks who are raising a stink about a random "Ron Paul SPAM" email need to step back and realize how silly it is to get upset about an email of that nature.

Did someone try to steal your credit card number or PayPal password through the mail in question? Did someone threaten you or tell you that a family member passed away? Was spyware or a malicious virus installed on your computer through the email? I just don't see what the big deal is about a harmless email. CAN-SPAM was created to protect people from scams not give them an excuse to label every unwanted email as SPAM. Weenies.

Iowa KCRG - Ron Paul making strides with voters, contributors

My local news outlet in Iowa just released a good article about Ron Paul. I'm disappointed about the photo, though, as I can already see the hit pieces in the blogosphere bashing Ron Paul because two of his fans believe in wearing white after Labor Day. How dare they!

Doesn't CAN-SPAM mean that we can spam?

Anti-SPAM researchers at UAB have discovered "Ron Paul SPAM" that originated from Italy and Korea. This is obvious proof that the Asian and Italian secret societies endorse Ron Paul for President.

You'll have to excuse my Asian and Italian friends. When they see CAN-SPAM Act they take the translation literally, meaning that they can spam.

Ron Paul Wins GOP Debate!
Ron Paul Eliminates the IRS!
Ron Paul Stops Iraq War!
Vote Ron Paul 2008!
Iraq Scam Exposed, Ron Paul
Government Wasteful Spending Eliminated By Ron Paul

"Messages such as these harm the online eco-system by casting doubt on the veracity of other online communications", taxpayer funded UAB anti-SPAM researcher Gary Warner said.

I hope Mr. Warner did this research on his own time and not on the taxpayer dime, but I won't hold my breath on that.

Ron Paul on front page of Google News

Maybe I'm a bit late to the show, but today when I signed on I saw Ron Paul on the front page of Google News for the first time. His name was listed with several others, including Barack Obama, under the "In The News" section. Normally I see Mitt or Rudy occupying one of the spots. Ron Paul is movin' on up.

His name disappeared from "In The News" after I logged-in to my Google account and went back to the news page. Oh well, it was there, I swear! Did anyone else see it?

LA Times: Polls don't reflect Obama's support

"There is something missing," Mellman said. "He's raised money in unbelievable amounts, generated tremendous enthusiasm . . . and vast amounts of publicity. And those advantages were not given to him on a silver platter. He earned them. There is something unique and special about this guy, and I don't know why that has not translated into more support."
Do not read below this line of you don't like when people point out coincidences or think openly.
"1435" Why is Barry staring at a colony-simulating factor? Hemopoietic stem cells were cultured on a so-called semi solid matrix (Earth?) which prevents cells from moving around, so that if a single cell starts proliferating, all of the cells derived from it will remain clustered around the spot in the matrix where the first cell was originally located, and these are referred to as "colonies." It was therefore possible to add various substances to cultures of hemopoietic stem cells and then examine which kinds of colonies were "stimulated" by them.
I know I'm not the only person alive to notice the frequent usage of sun-crosses by certain media. Are we a flippin' experiment? Hey, I told you not to read below the line.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ron Paul releases new TV ad, readies for Leno

The Ron Paul presidential campaign has released a new TV ad for New Hampshire. It's much better than the first Ron Paul television ad. The new exposure is not limited to paid advertising though, some mainstream outlets are finally starting to realize what they've been missing as they previously ignored or ridiculed the Ron Paul Revolution.

On October 30th, Tom Cruise and the Sex Pistols will be joined as guests on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno by none other than the next president, Ron Paul. There is a fundraiser in the Hills which will hopefully provide a little surge in the donation totals. My guess would be that Ron Paul has more closet support in Hollywood than he does vocal support. Speaking of vocals and sex pistols, THE Barry Manilow will be appearing on the Tonight Show on October 31st along with hottie Eva Mendes.