Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Seriously, all your base are belong to us.

A few pro-Ron Paul news outlets pushed the idea of splitting the November 5th money bomb into two money bombs, with the second coming on November 11th. I wonder if many will pick up on that. Got another million in ya for Veterans Day?

Ron Paul raised $4.2 million dollars on the 5th, very impressive. He is now the Republican front runner, as if he wasn't already.

The other Republican candidates, although formidable opponents, are simply unelectable in the general. All your base are belong to us and I'm not sorry about that. RP fans I've spoken with and observed are voting for Ron whether he is the Republican, Democratic, Independent or Unity candidate. Most have said they'll vote for him whether he is on there or not. Once you go Ron Paul very rarely do you go back. There is no alternative.

If the Republicans are serious about winning, which I believe most of them are, they'll eventually have to get behind Ron Paul. If Ron goes third party and splits the vote the Republicans have even less of a shot than they do if Rudy, Mitt or Fred get the nomination. For once in our lifetime, perhaps the only chance we'll get, freedom and peace-loving people actually have the power.

We can help you win or we can make sure that you lose. You choose.

If Ron doesn't win it really makes no difference if it's Rudy or Hillary in the White House. People like to call Paul a RINO. The other candidates are DINO, different in name only.

It's known that Republicans and Democrats alike are not happy with the direction this country is going. Congress has low approval ratings for different reasons than the media leads the public to believe. They spend way too much time and resources voting on things that shouldn't be in Congress to begin with. Add to that the rampant corruption and persuaded public desire to expect the unexpectable from their leaders then it's very clear why Congress sucks. I really don't understand the logic of people who see that our leaders suck but think that the answer is to expect even more from them. Take away the easy money, don't give them more, and at the same time get out of their way so that the true leaders of the people can get things done effectively. Take away all of the nonsense and we just might be able to get some good things done with the borders, health care system and infrastructure. Islamophobia is killing our kids, and theirs.

It's been tossed about that Ron Paul should move to New Hampshire in order to win that primary and make a big splash. While a loud presence is a must, I'm not sure basing operations from there is necessary. At the current rate of success Mrs. Paul might as well start picking out new drapes for the Lincoln Bedroom. President Ron Paul. I like that.

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