Thursday, November 8, 2007

20,000 new donors for Ron Paul on November 5th

There were about 20,000 new donors to the Ron Paul campaign on November 5th. Perhaps my favorite thing about that is I can picture dozens of fart-sniffers combing through pages and pages of new donor names while searching for that elusive stinker.

I don't think it was ever a real issue but the Ron Paul campaign is definitely past the point where a few renegades with iffy ideologies can screw it up.

I still urge new RP'ers to start up and blog and let your voice be heard. Throw some ads up. Even the smallest and craziest of RP blogs gets real traffic. There are millions being spent on advertising for this presidential election, by businesses and campaigns. It's a good way to get involved and maybe even make a few bucks to donate the next time around. "Blogs for Ron Paul" absolutely dominates the number of blogs for all of the other candidates. Add yourself to the zeitgeist. You might as well toss in your two-cents because with the zeitgeist goes the flow.

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