Monday, November 12, 2007

Ron Paul web traffic is older than you might think

I ran across a neat bit of information over at regarding the age of Ron Paul online traffic. Young people are playing a big role in the Ron Paul Revolution, but maybe not as big as previously thought. As you can see, younger people account for the least amount of traffic to his website. Get Ron Paul on a national stage in a head-to-head debate against Hillary and I bet you'd see the male to female ratio even out quite a bit.

"Perhaps not surprising to political observers, right-wing Congressman Paul's Web site attracted more males and older visitors than Clinton's younger, female-heavy site audience, according to Hitwise. Around 27 percent of visitors were 18 to 34, about 36 percent were between 35 and 54, and approximately 37 percent were age 55 and over in October. Seventy-three percent were male."

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