Wednesday, November 14, 2007

American Enterprise Institute misrepresents Guy Fawkes Day money bomb

A fellow named John Fortier over at American Enterprise Institute seems to misrepresent the recent Guy Fawkes Day 'Ron Paul money bomb.'

"Ron Paul is an iconoclast, a principled libertarian, and an entertaining presidential candidate, but he has gone too far. Last week he raised boatloads of money from admirers who celebrate the violent overthrow of established government. For the sake of his reputation and his responsibility to the Congress in which he serves, he should disown that support."

Mr. Fortier should have done more research. Guy Fawkes Day is a celebration of the uncovering of the gunpowder plot. It is not a celebration of the violent overthrow of government. Maybe AEI should disown Mr. Fortier.


akak said...

How DARE anyone celebrate the violent overthrow of established government! Just like those damned traitorous American colonists --- didn't they realize how "unpatriotic" they were by fighting their rightful king?!

I swear, every last neocon weasel would have fought on the British side if we could roll back the clock 230 years. They have utterly no understanding, or admiration, for the principles upon which the United States was founded.

Curtis said...


I hear ya. I don't condone violence in any way, but I know why the 2nd is there.

Polly said...

Another point of view: Guy Fawkes Day