Thursday, November 15, 2007

Google Ron Paul Again

I probably wouldn't have been as nice as this guy who defends Ron Paul on college student loans. I am almost convinced that parents should teach logic and critical reasoning classes at the dinner table so that the children can learn to filter, dissect and question everything that they learned that day in school and that night at the dinner table. The world would be much better off if parents just started doing that one little thing.

For example, my dad said to get a job and learn some self-responsibility. Simple enough, right? Well, my whole life I was taught to try to do right and be a good person. I see what 25% of the earnings from my job goes toward and it contradicts everything I stand for and learned. Even if I get a job where I do nothing but help people, 25% of it still goes toward those contradictory things. What I get in return for my investment is to be criminalized for being fond of a plant, to see my fellow brothers and sisters be oppressed by horrible policy, and to watch people halfway around the globe get blown to bits.

You got the job. Did you get the self-responsibility?

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