Thursday, November 15, 2007

A comment on Capitol Hill Blues comment policy

Capitol Hill Blues just put out a decent article on Ron Paul. I went to comment on the article, couldn't, and ran across a rather redundant commenting policy that I wanted to address.

"Posts that contain racism, homophobia, bigotry or Antisemitism will be removed and the posters banned."

Depending on how you define antisemitism, it is either racism or bigotry. If you view antisemitism as being against semitic people, then it's racism. If you view antisemitism as strictly a Jewish thing, then it'd be bigotry.

I'm a Deist, which is basically the religion for freethinkers. If the comment policy were to be rightfully applied in respects to my particular religion and views then virtually no critical comments would ever be allowed. There are less freethinkers than there are Jews. I don't care though. I invite people to be bigoted towards me. I love it. Let's have a duel of minds.

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