Monday, October 29, 2007

Paul supporter questions validity of "Ron Paul SPAM" accusations

Recently a few reports have surfaced where people are upset to have received Ron Paul SPAM to their inbox. I will keep all "SPAM-weenie" comments to myself at this point in time and focus my attack on the validity of the claims.

Nobody can prove that the mails originated from a Ron Paul supporter or supporters. Honestly, I would really like to see them try to prove it. The haters might not like where the trail leads. I want to see who is behind the mails, if anyone, along with solid evidence that the person is a supporter of Ron Paul. It takes less than a minute to gain access to proxies around the world. It takes less than an hour to manually harvest about 1,000 emails from sites like Craigslist. I'd advise not dipping into that honey pot, just using it as an example of how easy it is to get active email addresses. Anyone could have sent them, anyone. I am making this post from Taiwan, while sitting in Iowa. I just switched it to the Ukraine, because I can.

In addition to the ease of compiling a list and sending e-mails, there is also the factor that a third-party could have been paid to send the mails. It's done all of the time.

Also, the language used in the title of the mails does not look like it came from an English-first individual. "Government wasteful spending eliminated by Ron Paul" Notice anything a bit off? "Iraq Scam Exposed, Ron Paul" I didn't even look at the body of the mails, no need. A lot more evidence needs to be presented before any haters can make a logical claim that American Ron Paul supporters are sending out SPAM emails. So far there is no proof that supporters of Ron Paul sent any SPAM to anyone.

Finally, I decided to retract my above statement about holding off on SPAM-weenie comments. The folks who are raising a stink about a random "Ron Paul SPAM" email need to step back and realize how silly it is to get upset about an email of that nature.

Did someone try to steal your credit card number or PayPal password through the mail in question? Did someone threaten you or tell you that a family member passed away? Was spyware or a malicious virus installed on your computer through the email? I just don't see what the big deal is about a harmless email. CAN-SPAM was created to protect people from scams not give them an excuse to label every unwanted email as SPAM. Weenies.

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