Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ron Paul Roundup: Jay Leno, Taxes and Betting Odds

from on Ron Paul's appearance with Jay Leno:

Paul would be for a flat tax but "I want to make it real flat, like zero."

"People would have money," Paul said when asked whether the country would go broke without taxes. "Much smaller government."

People really are putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to Ron Paul. If the odds makers just wanted to make money off of sucker Ron Paul supporters, or if they thought there was no shot in hell that he'd win, they'd keep those odds high. They lower odds to cover their asses. Lots of actual bets are rolling in for the man who has a completely different message from the rest of the crowd.

Ron Paul presidential betting odds have been lowered to 12/1 by our similarly-oppressed cousins, but some places have his odds as low as 6/1. He's come a long, long way from the beginning of all Revolution when his odds according to gambling websites were, at best, 200/1. His growth in support has undeniably been met with a rise in resistance by those who innocently and not-so-innocently have distaste for the message. It is to be expected. Imagine how many panties will be bunched if his odds drop to 9/11 shortly prior to election.

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