Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ron Paul releases new TV ad, readies for Leno

The Ron Paul presidential campaign has released a new TV ad for New Hampshire. It's much better than the first Ron Paul television ad. The new exposure is not limited to paid advertising though, some mainstream outlets are finally starting to realize what they've been missing as they previously ignored or ridiculed the Ron Paul Revolution.

On October 30th, Tom Cruise and the Sex Pistols will be joined as guests on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno by none other than the next president, Ron Paul. There is a fundraiser in the Hills which will hopefully provide a little surge in the donation totals. My guess would be that Ron Paul has more closet support in Hollywood than he does vocal support. Speaking of vocals and sex pistols, THE Barry Manilow will be appearing on the Tonight Show on October 31st along with hottie Eva Mendes.

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