Friday, November 2, 2007

Obama, Hillary and Ron Paul rule Johnson County, Iowa

Johnson County consists of Iowa City and many surrounding communities. It doesn't take much driving around to see who local residents are supporting for president. There are some local elections coming up, so it's really sign country 'round these parts.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have the largest sign presence overall. I'm not sure about the strategy that Obama fans are using though, as their big "Hope" signs look like they are for Ron Paul. Hillary Clinton has a lot of yard signs up in North Liberty, a fast-growing city full of recent Iowa grads.

Ron Paul has the bumper stickers and bulletin boards wrapped up. Believe it or not, in these smaller Iowa communities, a little bulletin board posting can morph into the talk of the coffee shop, both of which are usually located inside of the gas station. As for Iowa City itself, the main attraction of Johnson County, a stroll around the Ped Mall shows that the University of Iowa students are increasingly aware of the only serious Republican contender, Ron Paul. Obama and Ron Paul have the college vote from what I can see.

John Edwards has a small visible presence in Johnson County. His larger base of support is just north in Linn County.

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