Saturday, October 20, 2007

Illogical Denver Post eLetter about Ron Paul

Denver Post eLetter

Letter-writer Ellyn Hilliard bemoans the dearth of qualified presidential candidates, but suggests Republican unknown Ron Paul as the only one who “makes any sense.” Paul’s delivery and Libertarian views might appear refreshing to one accustomed to Washington doubletalk, but he has a serious and genuine flaw: He hasn’t left the Republican Party. Ron Paul has chosen to stand behind this administration’s countless failures. His complicity reveals his true motives.

Paul Trantow, Littleton

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Kevin said...

Ron Paul has been a, vocal, consistent critic of this administration and it's foreign policy since 2000.

In what way is that "standing with" President Bush? Just because hhe finds the Democrat foreign policy to be even more interventionist (Kosovo, Somalia) is no reason to assume he is a Bush supporter.

In the words of the Geico Caveman, "Next time, maybe you could do a little research first?"