Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Deists for Ron Paul

I would go so far as to say that Ron Paul has the Deist vote wrapped up. That's not saying a whole lot, as there are many more Jews in America than Deists, but we comprise a solid and powerful group of voters. The Constitution is largely based on principles which Deists live by. Take the following excerpt from the website for example:

  • What's Deism's answer to all the evil in the world? Much of the evil in the world could be overcome or removed if humanity had embraced our God-given reason from our earliest evolutionary stages. After all, all the laws of nature that we've discovered and learned to use to our advantage that make everything from computers to medicine to space travel realities, have existed eternally. But we've decided we'd rather live in superstition and fear instead of learning and gaining knowledge. It's much more soothing to believe we're not responsible for our own actions than to actually do the hard work required for success.

Sound familiar? It sounds like the basic philosophy for a free-market economy and a non-interventionalist foreign policy if you ask me. I don't agree with everything that the Deism website has to say but if you'll look around to get a grasp of what Deism is all about you'll see fairly quickly that it is a "religion" which is almost exactly in tune with the message of Ron Paul and our Founding Fathers.

I'm not trying to promote Deism to anyone. I'm just saying that Ron Paul is very likely to get almost all Deist votes. He is the presidential candidate who uses logic and reason when he governs the people.

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