Monday, October 15, 2007

A guide to Ron Paul slang

What is a Paulista? In real life it's someone from Sao Paulo, Brazil. In political forums on the Internet it's a lame term used by people to try and make Ron Paul and his supporters sound foreign and dangerous. As you can see here, some RP fans actually covet the label of Paulista. Alternative: Paulenista.

What is a Paultard? A Paultard is a Ron Paul supporter who uses logic to counter the illogical criticisms and defamation spewed forth by certain elements in the mainstream and alternative media. It's hard to find a Ron Paul hit piece that isn't full of logical fallacies. If you point the fallacies out to the author then you'll be labeled a Paultard and probably have your IP banned from posting again.

What is a Ron Paul Troofer? A Ron Paul Troofer is a supporter of Ron Paul who uses the term '9/11' in a sentence or on a sign. Only Rudy Giuliani and George Bush are allowed to say '9/11' in public. Rosie O'Donnell tried and she hasn't been seen in public since.

What is a Paulthead? A Paulthead is a supporter of Ron Paul who likes that Dr. Paul would end the very profitable and very unconstitutional War on Drugs. A Paulthead may or may not smoke marijuana but that minor detail will not stop the haters from applying the label. OK, so they haven't exactly applied the Paulthead label yet. I just made it up.

What is a hot air Paulloon? A hot air Paullon is a hit piece put out by fake conservatives at sites like LittleGreenFootballs and HotAir. Hot air Paulloons are magnets for Paultards. How dare a Paultard point out that dropping bombs around the world while creating huge amounts of government oppression and waste are not exactly conservative traits. Many Paultheads are of the impression that hot air Paulloons from LittleGreenFootballs and HotAir are meant for comedy. Nobody can really be that scared of Muslims.

There are a few other terms you might see thrown about by the logically-challenged. Paulite is a relatively harmless example that I've come to use in my own descriptions. It's better than McCainiacs. Speaking of, I think those creatures are about extinct. What other supporter nicknames are out there? Hucksters? Umm. Mitt's Harem? Nah. Johnmunists? Maybe. C.F.R.edheads? Sure why not. Obamanations? Obamanible Multi-colored Snowpersons? Billary's Shills? Yawn. Ghoolianis? Nope. Duncan Hunter's family and close friends? I'll cut him some slack. I haven't seen his supporters out and about talking smack. Come to think of it, I haven't seen his supporters anywhere. Maybe they are building that fence. Sorry dude. I guess my point is that at least people have nicknames for supporters of Ron Paul. At least Ron Paul has visible public support. Sticks and stones...

Obama fans, don't take it personal. I haven't seen many of you actively dissing Ron Paul and so far have the impression that your large Internet crowd is, for the most part, fighting fair. You have your own battle to wage against Hillary so I can't imagine your all that worried about Ron Paul. Ron Paul versus Barack Obama in the general election would be a much different story than Paul versus Clinton. Ron Paul would still win. Neener, neener.

What can I say. A guy has to have a bit of fun once in awhile, even if nobody else gets it. We all take this stuff a bit too seriously sometimes. Even GW has a sense of humor about it all, sick as it may be.


Hipple, Rev. Paul T. said...

Brother Curtis-
May I commend you on your lovely Interweb sight. I don't blame you for failing to come up with a derogation for Rep. Tom Tancredo. He is NOT the sort of candidate you'd want to play around with.

Please add to your list "Paulograph" to reflect the absolutely virtual nature of his existence and candidacy.


Curtis said...

Haha, I'll consider Paulograph for the updated Guide to Ron Paul Slang which will cover what the haters call Ron Paul. The first guide stuck to his supporters.

I could never make fun of Tom Tancredo. His hair is a bigger anomaly than Ron Paul.