Monday, October 15, 2007

WaPo: Who's the Real Republican? Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is the real Republican candidate in the race for president. Look at his record and then look at the statement below from the Washington Post article.

--A series of essays in the volume "The Future of Conservatism," edited by Charles W. Dunn, examines the strains inside the GOP in the post-Reagan era. The Republican coalition, like all successful major party coalitions, is inherently fractious and potentially unstable.

The scholars who contributed to the volume examine what contributed to the success of the party, particularly under Ronald Reagan, and what its future may hold. Dunn, dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, identifies five wings of the modern conservative movement: neoconservatives, libertarians, midwestern conservatives, traditionalists and religious conservatives.--

Ron Paul appeals to all of those except perhaps a wing of the neoconservative and religious movement which likes to use our easy money and our military for their own ideological beliefs and personal gain. This race is Ron Paul's to win. Ron Paul is a better Republican than all other participating candidates. Heck, Ron Paul is a better Democrat than all of the other participating Democratic candidates. Both parties have gone astray in a very bad way.

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