Sunday, October 14, 2007

Health Care - Obama versus Ron Paul

Check out this post from Leisure With Dignity which sums up the difference between Barack Obama and Ron Paul on the matter of health care. The big versus small mentality of each candidate extends far beyond the health care issue, but this is a promising sign that at least some folks outside of the Paul camp are opening their eyes to a different way of seeing things. I wish the blogger would reconsider the final statement of the post because Ron Paul does not govern in a way that restricts religious freedoms at all. I am a Deist for Ron Paul. If his ideology hindered my freedom to believe what I want to believe and act accordingly then I wouldn't be supporting him.


Dream Stela said...

Hey, thanks for reading.

I was trying to be candid with what I said about Ron Paul and "religious beliefs".

To be curt, I am a hard-lined pro-choice female, and I just can't see myself as voting for someone who believes that their way is the only way. Do I believe that my way is the only way? No. But I believe we all should have the choice to make medical (or personal) decisions based on our own lives, values, and religions. Reversing Roe v. Wade scares me.

Curtis said...

"I believe we all should have the choice to make medical (or personal) decisions based on our own lives, values, and religions."

Thanks for commenting. The above quote is a big reason why I support Ron Paul. Marijuana is a big issue for me. With RP as president I'd be able to find a state in which I would not be a criminal and the federal government would be out of the issue altogether. If Iowans decide not to allow pot when the federal war on drugs is over then I'll move to a state that does. I'm cool with that. It's in line with the idea that we should all have a choice to make our own decisions based on our own lives and such.

The reversal of Roe v. Wade would not eliminate or outlaw abortions. It would merely take the decision out of the federal courts because the Constitution does not give the power to the federal government to dictate a matter such as abortion. Ron Paul has went on record saying that he would support the right of women to cross state lines to get an abortion if their state does not allow. As a Congressman he has tried to get a fetus in its early stages to be defined as life but he recognizes the difference in powers he'd have as president. He wouldn't be able to introduce bills like that. Despite his own convictions and beliefs he knows and respects his boundaries. He's not Sam Brownback for crying out loud. That's the one to be afraid of on the abortion issue. Look deeper into some of the writings by Dr. Paul and you'll see he's actually a cool dude with a very intelligent way of looking at things.

Think about it, by allowing Roe v. Wade to stand you are essentially supporting that which you claim to be against. The core issue is whether or not the federal government can dictate what you do with your body. You say that the federal government should be able to dictate your body. You already gave them the power you are just happy with the decision because it's on your side. What if the opposite side had won? Would you want Roe v. Wade overturned? Ron Paul would. Think about it.

Dream Stela said...

I do not want Roe v. Wade overturned in a situation where the power is in the hands of those who would want to abolish abortions altogether. it's too dangerous. It shouldn't even be left up to the states. At least this way, every state has to leave that option open.

It seems hypocritical to say that I don't want it overturned because I don't want the gov't to have say so in my life. I understand that. The alternative is a situation where there may not even be that option.

So, while I'm all for everyone having their own opinions on religion and politics, and I completely respect yours, I don't feel it necessary to continue this discussion with you. I'm not up for it. Sorry.

Curtis said...

I see. Perhaps I shouldn't have pointed out that your view on abortion is hypocrtical. You cool with the control they have because they ruled your favor. Anyway, here is a good recent quote from Ron Paul about the partial-birth ban on abortions...

Ron Paul: "I think that's a good point, because I don't brag about that vote. People could argue that there's a contradiction there. My only argument was that abortion-on-demand nationally was created by a court order, not Congress, so I was trying to reverse that. I would not argue, though, that it was a perfect way of doing that. If the court had not already ruled and legalized it, I would not have voted that way."