Sunday, October 14, 2007

Democrats: Children Will Get Insurance

(AP) — House Democratic leaders said Sunday they were working to gather votes to override a veto on a popular children's health program, but pledged to find a way to cover millions without insurance should their effort fail.

"Isn't that sad for America's children?" said Pelosi, D-Calif., when asked about the GOP's assurances the override vote will fail. "It doesn't mean we aren't working hard throughout the country: governors, mayors, people who deal with children on a regular basis.

"We'll try very hard to override it. But one thing's for sure: We won't rest until those 10 million children have health care," she said in an interview broadcast Sunday.

Affordable health care is the answer, not health insurance every child who doesn't have it. I don't want my kid on government welfare health care. I just want insurance companies, drug companies and my own government to stop making the prices skyrocket. These politicians like Pelosi and Hoyer are eloquently lying to the public as to the true intentions of the program. Please vote for Ron Paul. He's the only one who gets it.

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